Cllr Count said: “I have no option but to send this

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Handbags Replica Council’s budget branded ‘fraudulent’ by senior councillorCllr Mike Shellens claimed major county council decisions are being taken on “incorrect” figuresShire Hall, the current County Council headquarters in Castle StreetGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA senior councillor has cheap goyard bags uk claimed the county council’s budget is “fraudulent”, with major decisions being taken on “incorrect” figures. Has been accused of goyard replica ebay putting together a “fraudulent” budget based on incorrect figures, despite repeated calls for more funding for children and adult social care.Cllr Mike Shellens, chairman of the council’s audit and accounts committee, made the extraordinary claim during a meeting of the full council today (December 11).However, council goyard keychain replica leader Cllr Steve Count said there has not been any fraudulent activity with the budget.Cllr Shellens told the council he cheap goyard wallet believed the figures used to decide the budget for children’s social services and adult social care are incorrect. He claimed the council keeps ending up in “a mess”, and overspending every year because the numbers are wrong.Cllr Shellens said: “Putting incorrect information out is, in my view, fraudulent.”Cllr Shellens was asked by Cllr Ian Bates and Cllr Count to withdraw the claim, noting the suggestion was “extremely serious”.Cllr Shellens, however, declined, saying he had heard the requests, but stood by what goyard replica uk he had said.Cllr Count said: “I have no option but to send this to the standards board. Handbags Replica

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